Meet Sri Lankan Researcher — Sewmini Ravihari Jayatilake

  • The education system needs to update with new technologies in the world. Educating the students with new software and tools that are currently used in the industry, is essential. Teaching the same software over many years will not help the students. Sometimes, our education system focuses more on theoretical concepts rather than looking at the practical aspects. But, balancing both at the same time is essential.
  • At the same time, improving learning environments (both classroom and online) is needed. This means in relation to material used in learning and improving e-learning concepts.
  • Another aspect is the need for education systems to be more job-oriented. For some students, it is challenging to apply the learned concepts in their careers. If the education system is more focused and related to respective industry fields, it will be more advantageous.
  • Improvement of the positive teacher-student relationship is also essential. In our education system, students sometimes do not actively engage in the learning environment. It is the teacher/lecturer who needs to identify ways to create the learning environment more engaging.



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