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ScholarX — Mentors

What is “ScholarX” ?

Founded by Sustainable Education Foundation, the ScholarX is a 3 month program for Sri Lankan students who would like to get free premium mentoring during their study period. ScholarX program will also connect Sri Lankans who live all around the world, making the program for Sri Lankans who are living abroad to contribute directly to Sri Lankan students and the education system.

Why “ScholarX” ?

There are two reasons to start the ScholarX program.

Reason 1 — There is no proper mentoring platform for Sri Lankan students. Also there is no proper mechanisms for Sri Lankan students to connect with Sri Lankans who are living abroad.

Reason 2 — There is no proper platform for Sri Lankans who lives abroad to share their knowledge with the Sri Lankan students.

In order to address these two problems we started the program.

Find the application link here

ScholarX — Mentor List


We have 6 mentors for the first phase of the program and they are as follows.

Dr Hasini Jayatilaka

Forbes 30 under 30 — Science Category, Postdoctoral Researcher @ Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr Jeewika Ranaweera

Principal Hardware Engineer @ Oracle, PhD @ University of Toronto.

Dr Rukshan Batuwita

Data Scientist @ Google, PhD @ University of Oxford.

Dr Savithru Jayasinghe

PhD @ Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MEng @ University of Cambridge.

Sumudu Herath

Ph.D. candidate @ University of Cambridge, Best Engineering Undergraduate of University of Moratuwa.

Yasith Vidanaarachchi

Software Engineer @ Google, Ex — Software Engineer @ Amazon


Do you have to live abroad to be a mentor?

No, Anyone can become a mentor. Please do reach out to us. More the merrier.

Do you have to be Sri Lankan to be a mentor?

No, Anyone can become a mentor. Please do reach out to us. We are more than happy to get foreign mentors.

Who can become a ScholarX?

Our priority is given to Sri Lankan Students in Universities and Schools. If we have excess of mentors we can expand the program in to foreign students as well.

What kind of mentoring can I get?

The type of mentoring that you receive will depends on the mentor. After you are selected as a ScholarX, you will discuss this with your mentor. Some of the ways students have got mentoring in the past are as follows,

  • Collaborating with the mentor on a project.
  • Getting career advice.
  • Discussing about higher studies.

What is the cost of the program?

ScholarX is a free program conducted by volunteer mentors.

The deadline for the program is on 14/04/2019, Application link can be found here

For more information write to us via

or via our social media channels which can be found at our website.



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